Alexis Moran

My journey with It Works began in March of 2012 in hopes of bringing in an extra $500 to put away each month for a yearly family vacation. It was also a product I was hopeful would get rid of the baby pooch that not even 2 rounds of p90x could eliminate. Lets just say 4 wraps later I was a believer and have been on fire for this product and company ever since. The hope of $500 a month turned into a $1000 which turned into $6000 a month and it JUST KEPT GROWING. I was scared in the beginning to let my dream number get too big (aka: FAILING) and here I am a year later making a LARGE full-time salary. This company does not have just a few people at the top making big money... EVERYONE who is working the business is making BIG money. This company has allowed us to take a monthly vacation, if we chose. Debt is getting eliminated at lightening speed. All of this is possible just because I chose to take a chance and believe that this could be real. That GOD had big plans for our finances. Throw caution to the wind and push those "what if's" away. You head is the only thing that will keep you away from accomplishing your financial dreams. It has blown us away and I am committed to helping my team make their financial dreams come true as well. I would love to have you on board or just get in on using these awesome product at my pricing. It will change your life!


Alexis Moran


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